Make Room for Jesus!!


Make Room for Jesus was the theme for this year’s annual Christmas Program. Our students prepared daily to present a message to the audience. Weeks and weeks of preparation went into making sure that this night would be a success.

Typically, the general idea for our Christmas programs have been the same. At Summerhill, we like tradition. However, this year was a bit different. Every year people get so caught up in the commercialism of Christmas: buying gifts, making delicious meals for friends and family, decorating the house, etc. This year our staff and students wanted to remind people of something they often forget to do - Make Room for Jesus.

Instead of getting so focused in what present your going to get for which person, God wants us to turn the attention back to him. The reason we even celebrate the holiday in the beginning is because its the day that God sent his only son to save all of humanity. Its the day mankind was saved. Our Savior was born. Christmas is our way of saying “Thank you God for sending us your son”.

In the play, we had Katelynn and her family. Katelynn was preoccupied with all the things she needed to get done that she was not concerned about the condition of her relationship with Jesus. She thought that her personal relationship with God was good since she was so devoted to her church and made sure she was a good person. It wasn’t until she had a conversation with her mom that she realized that she had been neglecting the Lord. It was not intentional, but just something that she allowed to happen for way too long.

This Christmas season, don’t be like Katelynn. Make Room for Jesus. Set a permanent appointment with him everyday. An appointment that you know you can’t miss. Set aside some time in your schedule just to sit with the Lord. He is not oblivious to the fact that there are things that need to get done. He just wants you to be one of those things on your To-Do List…EVERYDAY! Make your relationship with Christ a priority!!!

Everyone here at Summerhill Community Ministries would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kyrie’ Redding