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Justina Dix

Founder & Executive Director

In the early 90’s, Justina served as a youth education provider to families in the Summerhill section of Atlanta, Ga. She saw the crime, poverty, and lack of education. And she saw the effects that a lack of support can have on a community in crisis. After years of collaborating with parents, educators, and doctors to support these issues, Summerhill Community ministries was founded. 


Our Staff

Always juggling multiple initiatives with grace and dedication. Our staff's focus is empowering young people to overcome stereotypes by reaching their full potential as leaders in Christ and the community


Edrek Brooks


Since joining our team in 2013, Edrek has not held back in bringing his passion for education to our programs. Growing up in the ministry as a young child, he knows first-hand how transformative it is to be given attention and guidance. Currently, he is a teacher for our after-school program. He facilitates homework help and mentorship for children of all ages. When he doesn't have his teaching hat on, he loves skating in his free time.



Ashley Dix

Ministry assistant

After participating in our ministry as a child, Ashley joined our staff in 2013. Currently, she works as the ministry assistant, a tutor, and a camp counselor during the summer. But regardless of what she’s doing - seeing the growth of the children keeps her motivated. When she’s not managing the office, leading an academic exercise, or mentoring a child in need, you can catch her enjoying a friendly game of basketball. She also likes skating and spending time with her daughter.



Emanuel Dix

FAcility Manager

Our facility manager Emanuel has been with us since 2013, always working to ensure our facility is safe and beautiful. Besides overseeing building maintenance and helping with transportation, he acts as a mentor to teens and college students in our job training program.  When he’s not working on various projects for the ministry, you can find him tinkering with vehicles. Emanuel is married to Justina, our ministry founder!



Justin Dix

Job Training Program Supervisor

At 14 years old, Justin took an interest in the ministry after joining our sports program, and has been a full time member of our staff since 2013. While he plays many roles in the ministry, his primary focus is supervising our job training program. The rest of his time is split between teaching in the after school program, working as a sports coordinator, driving our van for events, and maintaining the security of our facility. Always there to lend an ear, and give encouragement, he takes pride in being a role model to others. Outside of his ministry work, Justin is a foodie who enjoys watching movies to relax.



Timothy Gordan

Academic Tutor

Timothy used to serve as a volunteer with our ministry 8 years ago. As the newest member of our staff, he brings his passion as an academic tutor to our 3rd - 5th graders. Tim finds joy in mentorship and the life-changing power that encouragement can bring to a child in need. He is inspired to see our youth mature over time, and become stronger students. In his spare time, Timothy likes to work out, explore the Internet, and learn new things.



Kyrie' Redding

program developer

Kyrie' has been part of our ministry since she was 6 years old! She started out as a participant and is now the Development coordinator for our donor and volunteer programs. Time flies when you are doing something you love, and Kyrie' is no stranger to this feeling. Known as a great collaborator, the most rewarding part of her day is bringing joy to our youth through the shared efforts of our entire team. Besides her work for the ministry, she has a passion for dance and the performing arts.



Our Volunteers

Our programs would not be a possibility without the involvement of several dedicated members of our vibrant community.


Andy Adam

Faithful weekly volunteer


Emily Albright

Faithful weekly volunteer

Chris Fitzgerald

Faithful weekly volunteer


Nissa Scott

Long time Volunteer

Nissa found our ministry by searching online for a local Christian-based reading program for which to volunteer. Her passion to know the youth more personally and help them grow academically has transformed our after school reading program. When she’s not giving reading lessons, you can find her hanging out on the playground having fun with the children from our ministry. 



Susan Parker

Long time volunteer

While working with a local real estate company who’s staff volunteered with us during Christmas every year - Susan started her journey with us. The smiles and unconditional love from the children inspire Susan as she provides homework help during the school year, coordinates our Christmas gift-giving program in winter, and shares the Easter story with our youth in the spring.  In her free time Susan finds pleasure in gardening..



Our Board Members

John Buchanan Headshot.jpg

John Buchanan


John is a Principal Consultant and Technical Fellow at SeaTec Consulting. His family began serving Summerhill Community Ministries in the early 2000’s by volunteering in the after school program, reading to children and helping with homework. He later joined the Summerhill Board of Directors as Board President in 2008. John has two degrees, three children with his wife Anne, and is a member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.



Anne Burlas


Anne has spent over 8 years lending her creative expertise and philanthropic spirit to our ministry. From gathering content, editing images, curating newsletters, tutoring, and helping with transportation and meals for our summer camps, her work ethic exemplifies our approach to youth ministry. As secretary of our board, she helps refine goals and focus the groups' activities by serving as an authority on past actions. She and her husband Robbie have supported the ministry since 2009 while raising three children.  Anne also works as a database applications programmer in the Atlanta area.


Elisa Buckner


After helping an urban high school increase their scholarship awards by over 2 million dollars, Elisa knew her mission was to help young people achieve their goals. While working with schools in Georgia, she took notice of the skyrocketing counseling caseloads, and many requests for personalized services. In 2008, she founded  Access 2 Admission, a program that provides resources, seminars, and tailored virtual coaching for career and college admissions. She has been serving with our ministry since 2005, and is the proud mother of two children, whom she raises with her husband Dwight.


Margaret Brake.png

Margaret Brake

Board Member

For over 20 years, Margaret has worked as a leadership development and organizational effectiveness coach. Her consulting efforts transformed the communication styles, executive presence, and management culture of clients like Hilton Hotels, UPS, Chick-fil-A, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and many more. She has degrees from Georgia State University and the University of Florida, coaches executive MBA students at Emory University, and is a founding member of  ChristChurch Presbyterian. Margaret is a wife and mother of three, currently residing in Atlanta.



David Fitzgerald

Board Member

David has an extensive finance background, spending the last 30 years evaluating financial forecasts, merger integration, investor relations, and cash management for AT&T - the world’s largest telecommunications company. In his spare time, David serves as a mentor for local Atlanta youth, and is the basketball coach for the AAU and YBOA high school teams. Growing up in Atlanta, his career started in engineering and he holds degrees from Northwestern University and Georgia State University. David is a member of  Northpoint Community Church, enjoys playing sports, and spending time with his wife and two children in Johns Creek, GA. 



Todd Foust

Board Member

Todd is a native of Nashville, Tennessee but has lived in Atlanta for the majority of his career. Before joining CapitalSpring as a Partner in 2014, Todd worked at Goldman Sachs for 10 years as a Managing Director and Co-Head of Portfolio and Underwriting for the Specialty Lending Group. Before that, he began his career at GE Capital in 1996, and later became the Vice President in their Media, Telecommunications, and Entertainment group. He graduated with two degrees from the University of North Carolina, is a member of Mount Vernon Baptist Church, and has four children with his wife, Jocelyn.



James Jones

Board Member

James is a Summerhill native who spent the last 14 years with the Atlanta Police Department (APD). Currently he serves and protects the downtown Atlanta community and its surrounding areas as a detective with the ADP fugitive squad. Outside of his work with the police force, he enjoys music, and previously served as a minister of music.




Join Our Team

As a growing ministry, we do not always have full-time staff positions available. But we constantly seek caring individuals who can be models of integrity for children in need of love and encouragement. Join our waitlist and get notified if a staff position becomes available.