Spotlight on Nissa!!

Mrs. Nissa Scott has been a part of Summerhill Community Ministries for a five years now. She started out as a volunteer but her love for the children and SCM quickly changed that. Mrs. Nissa has become SCM’s full-time volunteer reading teacher.

During the first week of After-school program this school year, Mrs. Nissa took the time to test each student to see how she could help them become better and more efficient readers. Mrs. Nissa, works with our students, one on one to improve skills in the areas of phonemic awareness, decoding words, and word recognition, just to name a few. Since Mrs. Nissa has joined our team we have seen a tremendous growth in the students she’s work with. In the words of one student, “Mrs. Nissa helped me become better at reading. Not only am I reading better but I am more confident. The last time my teacher asked me to read out loud, in front of the whole class, I was not shy and I was not scared.”


We here at SCM want to shine a big and bright SPOTLIGHT on Mrs. Nissa. Thank You for all that you do and for all the hard work you have put in. We greatly appreciate you!!!

Kyrie’ Redding