Oh! The Places We'll Go! ~Dr. Seuss

There’s no better adventure than the ones found between the pages of a good book!

This is Summerhill’s 5th Annual Reading Marathon and the students couldn’t be more excited. Our reading marathon is a month long reading competition where students strive to read the most books in their class. They rush though their homework, opt out of free time, and do all they can to get to a good book. What they see as a competition with their peers, we see it as a chance to strengthen skills, encourage reading, and prepare students for the upcoming testing period. But shhhh! We’ll keep that part a secret from the students.

For the month of March, students read as many books as possible being sure to write a book report on each book. The rules are as follows:

  • Students are only allowed to read a book after their homework is completed and checked by their teacher.

  • Students are allowed to read whatever book they’d like (comic books, chapter books, picture books, novel series, etc.).

  • Students can choose to read to any staff member/ volunteer or read alone.

  • Students must complete the book report specific to their grade level. The book reports are created by staff members and the content is specific to areas covered in the students grades.

  • Each book report will be checked by a teacher. A sticker can only be earned after it is checked by a teacher (1 sticker = 1 point).

  • Books and book reports completed at the After-School program are the only one eligible for a sticker. Books and book reports done else where do not count towards an over all score.

At the end of the reading marathon, stickers are counted and every reader is invited to the Ending Celebration Party. Our multipurpose room gets transformed into a Dr. Seuss spectacular. There’s food, awards, music, and so much more! By the end of the marathon, students are well-equipped to handle their standardized testing which is reading heavy!

We challenge you to join us on this adventure. For one month, put down the remote, leave the office earlier, take your lunch break reading a book! See how many books, articles, chapters, etc. you can read in one month’s time. If you choose to join this journey with us post a pic of you and the book you are reading with the hashtag #SCMReadingMarathon and be sure to tag @summerhillcm on Instagram! At the end of the month, we’ll shout out one lucky winner!!

Kyrie’ Redding