Summer 2017 Camp Theme: Hero Central


Our Camp theme this summer was “Hero Central”. Campers learned characteristics needed to be one of “God’s Hero’s”. They also met some of God’s Bible Hero’s. God’s Hero’s have Heart! God’s Hero’s have Wisdom!  God’s Hero’s have Courage!  God’s Hero’s Have Power!
Our class of 18 teens dug into the word of God this summer with open hearts, and sincere desires to make some positive life changes. We also studied about the dangers of social media, and inappropriate sites. It was amazing to see how they opened up to share their scary experiences. They gave advice to each other to steer clear from several sites that were dangerous, scams, addictive, and ever demonic. Even our staff’s eyes were opened. We will continue this dialogue and give encouragement with our after school and sports kids.


Thank you Ginny Bates from East Cobb Church! Square dancing was so fun!

Empathy & Sage