The Possiblities are Endless at SCM!!

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Have you ever wondered where you would be career wise if you'd had the opportunity to go through a program that taught you how to be a good employee? Have you ever thought to yourself "There should be some sort of program that teaches the youth how to be good employees"? Well that's just one of the things we are able to do at Summerhill!!

SCM is proud of our Youth Job Training Program. This intensive program targets 16 year olds and up, who have a heart for learning and want to enhance their work ethic. The program is for the duration of Summer Camp and extends to our high school students during the school year. They serve as teacher aids, serve meals to campers, clean the facility, chaperon field trips, but most importantly, they go through a set of life skill classes. These classes include work ethics, opening bank accounts, making wise decisions, budgeting, how to be a great role model for others, and personalized Bible studies. 


This summer, all of the hired job trainees grew up in our programs! It has been a joy watching them matriculate through our program. And now to see them at this stage in their lives is nothing short of a blessing. When asked what they will do with the money they earned from working the summer, the answers are unanimous across the board. They use the money to shop for school goods, and help contribute to their families’ expenses. This prepares them for their future, and helps them to be good role models to siblings and others in their communities. 

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Kyrie’ Redding